Online CPD Journal Program

Online CPD Journal Program

Medicine Today provides independent nonsponsored CPD.

Medicine Today Pty Ltd is a CPD education provider under the RACGP CPD Program.

Medicine Today's CPD activities are also accredited or undergoing accreditation under the ACRRM PDP program.


21 April 2023: At last we are able to offer our CPD participants some of our recent CPD modules for completion, even though our updated CPD site remains under construction.

We have undertaken a massive upgrade of our five journal websites and quietly relaunched them recently. A new CPD site was to follow shortly; however, the complexities of the new platforms have introduced some unexpected technical difficulties, given the age of the original CPD platform.

Conscious of the fact the months are slipping by, we have elected to temporarily ‘patch’ the old CPD site to enable us to offer new modules for completion now, so as not to inconvenience participants further. The appearance is similar to the old site and perhaps a little rough, but we will be launching a much improved version as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this disruptive period. We ask you to keep in mind that Medicine Today receives no funding or income for its CPD program, choosing to keep the program completely independent and free of advertising and pharma sponsorship to maintain its total editorial integrity. Given these factors, we hope you will forgive our tardy start and work with us as we take the time to do the job properly.

We hope you are enjoying the new websites in the interim. Please contact us here if you experience any difficulties engaging with this temporary platform.

ID Module CPD Hours Status
477935 March 2023. Module 1
Inflammatory bowel disease. Causes, symptoms and treatment
EA 1.5 Available
477871 April 2023. Module 1
Psoriasis: presentation, types and management
EA 1.5 Available
477936 March 2023. Module 2
Renal artery stenosis and hypertension: when to screen and how to treat
EA 1.5 Available
477877 April 2023. Module 2
Haemochromatosis: a clinician’s guide
EA 1.5 Available
417744 January/February 2023. Module 1
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction – an exclusive diagnosis
EA 1.5 Available
417746 January/February 2023. Module 2
The impact of depression on diabetes: an inextricable relationship
EA 1.5 Available
398088 December 2022. Module 2
COPD exacerbations: a pragmatic approach to prevention, diagnosis and management
EA 1.5 Available
430558 November 2022. Module 1
Stress-induced asthma – key insights for prevention and management
EA 0.5, RP 1.0 Available
430566 October 2022. Module 1
Depression: a major challenge of the menopause transition
EA 0.5, RP 1.0 Available